Clonie Gowen is a great professional poker player who has really done well for herself in this field that might not have several women players in it. She is popularly known by the name Clonie. She grew up in Kiowa which is in Oklahoma in the United States.

Clonie GowenClonie Gowen was an extremely energetic and popular girl in high school. She was not only the high school jock buy was also on the state championship basketball team. Besides that she was also ranked seventh in the high jump in track and field. When she was fifteen years old she was crowned Miss Teen McAlester, Oklahoma. If all these achievements weren’t enough for Clonie Gowen there was the winning of the project in the science fair and taking it to the state finals. This goes on to show the competitive streak that she had right from the word go and the winner that she was in everything that she touched.

Professional poker just happened to her as it was one of her hobbies besides scuba diving and hiking.  It is her ambition to have a cabin right up in the mountainside with a gurgling river running beside it. Clonie Gowen was born in Dallas in Texas in the United States.  Clonie Gowen has had 34 cashes and Total Winnings of $1,268,122. She has been able to finish first place at 3. She is not married and has two children.  She is thirty-nine years old and started playing poker in the year 1086 for a lark. She has certainly progressed a long way since then and has gone on to win several tournaments and win a fabulous amount of money for herself.  Her favorite poker game until today remains PLO.

Clonie Gowen is a great home body and most of the times is found spending time at home which remains her most favorite place to be at.

There are quite a few other poker players who she respects and they are Team Full Tilt. Doyle, Barry Greenstein. Michael Binger, Gabe Thaler, Lee Markholt.  She considers poker to be a game of intricate skill and great strategizing and using the right techniques at the right time. She wants people outside the game of poker to go ahead and realize the kind of hard work and great mind power that one requires to play a good game of poker.

Her last win has been in the 2009 Crown Aussie Millions Championship wherein she stood 32dn and won herself a prize money of $27,986. This tournament was held in Jan 18, 2009.

Clonie Gowen has gone on to break all stereotypes in the world of poker and professional poker playing at that. What might one expect of a poker player is certainly not an ex-teen beauty contestant with drop dead gorgeous good looks.

She might appear to be out of place at a poker table but when she starts playing no one can stop admiring the wins and strategizing that goes in.